Why is Outer Ring Road (Kisan Path) special?


The life of any nation or city is its roads and buildings, now a well-known road has become in Lucknow, Outer Ring Road is becoming a dream project of all the Lucknow residents along with Honorable Shri Rajnath Singh ji. In the coming days, Kisan Path will leave behind the famous Lohia Path and Shaheed Path in Lucknow. Outer Ring Road, this 104 km long route is also known for the attraction of Aqua Aqua Duct in which Gomti River from below and man-made Sharda Canal from above. Which is also known as Indra Dam.

This road built in Lucknow is the priority of all the famous builders of Lucknow, apart from this it is also becoming a major center for government projects. Kisan Path Outer Ring Road is playing a major role in making Lucknow a metro city. According to the 2018 survey of Uttar Pradesh Development Authority, investing in land within a 15 kilometer radius around Kisan Path will be a profitable deal.

Outer Ring Road connected to Kisan Path helps you to go anywhere in Lucknow, apart from this, Green Corridor Road which is also known as Defense Corridor, this road full of greenery on all sides also connects to Kisan Path, Kisan Path Township. But investing in the ongoing project will not only give you manifold profits but this investment will be the best choice for your better future.

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