Marine Enviro

How we works and what we do

Marine Enviro under SUVA brand aims to provide access to clean water, water is a substance without which life of humans, animals, birds, trees etc. is not possible and in today’s industrial age it is not easy to get pure drinking water. . Water is life, without it everything is uninhabitable, keeping this slogan in mind, Marine Enviro and its team together created SUVA With the help of the brand, the water obtained from the earth is made clean and potable under the supervision of experienced water plants and it reaches the common people.
We are deeply and strongly committed to sustainable contribution towards environmental protection as well as enhancing the quality of life. Marine Enviro has been providing water facilities to big companies and malls for 6 years.

Mineral water supplied by Marine Enviro to Phoenix Plasio Mall, Lulu Mall, Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj, Telibagh and Lucknow. Delivered to Saharaganj Mall, Lifestyle Showroom, Shriram Tower, Chhath Housing Finance, various branches of State Bank of India and many other places. The final task moves us forward in the development of new and innovative technologies and the ongoing optimization of all existing processes with a focus on emerging as well as developing markets.